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Ken Walton is an advocate for disabled people. He has been a trial lawyer for 35 years. Ken was admitted to the bar in 1972.

For about fifteen years Ken Walton appeared for client’s seeking Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits and other CPP claims.

Ken was author of several well received papers on the subject of Disability benefits for “The Verdict” a magazine for trial lawyers in British Columbia.

Ken appeared not only before the first level of appeal (a Review Tribunal) but also conducted appeals to the Pension Appeals Board (the usual last level of appeal).

From 2005 to 2008 Ken was appointed by our federal government to sit as Chair of a Review Tribunal to decide these cases. During that time Ken authored about 150 multi-page decisions mostly on disability benefits but also on other aspects of the legislation.

In June of 2008, Ken presented a paper on CPP Disability claims at the annual Personal Injury Conference of the British Columbia Continuing Legal Education Society.

In Ken’s view, the most important part of the appeal is to look at the medical evidence and then to gather any additional medical evidence needed to see that the appeal succeeds.

Ken will appear across Canada for appellants (by telephone) and locally in person.

Ken has an extensive background in trial work for personal injury claims and on Worker’s Compensation appeals.

Ken is a past president of the British Columbia Branch of the Canadian Bar Association.